COVID-19 PPE for our clients

The correct use by our carers of PPE for our clients is obviously a key element of keeping everyone safe during COVID.  But the task of ensuring that the correct PPE in the right quantities is sourced and delivered to our hundreds of clients across South Dublin every week is quite a big logistical challenge.  Every week we get fresh deliveries of face masks, gloves, aprons, hand sanitiser and a range of other PPE from a variety of suppliers and also the HSE.  We have a system in place to manage our levels of stock.  Then we arrange for a month’s worth of PPE to be prepared and bagged for each client, on a four-weekly cycle.  After that we arrange for some our our supervisors to come into each of our two offices, collect the bags and distribute them to that week’s batch of clients.  Then the cycle starts all over again the following week.  Our policy is to store PPE in every client’s house so that it is always there where it is needed by our carers.  Pictured above is our PPE store in our Dun Laoghaire office.


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