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Fitline is the National Sport and Physical Activity Programme for Older People.  It is run by Age and Opportunity and Supported by HSE and Sport Ireland.

Some find it easy to be physically active but for others it’s not so simple. Perhaps you don’t know what activity to do or you lose motivation. This is a difficult time for people worldwide as Covid-19 has forced us to change the way we live, but Age & Opportunity will continue to provide safe opportunities for people to be more active.  Their mentors are volunteer older people who understand the challenges of getting active. They’ll give you information, advice and gentle encouragement to get moving.

After you’ve made the first call, Fitline mentors will arrange a time to ring you every two weeks until you’re happy with your progress.   This is a completely free service for people over 50. It has already been a great help to lots of people who wanted to feel a bit healthier but just didn’t have the confidence or information to go about it. 

To find out more, Free phone I800 303 545 or email fitline@ageandopportunity.ie

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