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Veterans Athletics

Often older people are dismissed as being unable to participate in an active lifestyle.  Veterans Athletics is certainly an inspiration to all older people in this regard.  Events include track and field, road running and cross country.  Competitors are bracketed … Read More

Latest Cocooning advice for Older People from HSE

Following the most recent Government announcement on the easing of COVID restrictions on 19 June, there has been some easing of the cocooning restrictions. This article is based on the following page on the HSE website: https://www2.hse.ie/conditions/coronavirus/cocooning.html From 29 June … Read More

Indoor Exercises for Older People

It is important that you keep active while you are staying at home or cocooning during the coronavirus outbreak. Anyone can get active, it’s easy to start and it’s never too late. Anything that gets you moving is physical activity … Read More

Denim Day for Dementia

We participated in The Alzheimer Society’s Denim Day initiative in both our Dundrum and Dun Laoghaire offices on Friday 6 March last.  The reponse from our carers, office staff and family members was fantastic, and we manged to raise €545 … Read More

Meals on wheels in South Dublin

The Meals on Wheels service is available across South Dublin to people in the community who are unable, due to age, illness or disability, to cook their own meals.  The service is funded by a combination of HSE grant and … Read More

Personal Home lifts for older people

Most homes in Ireland have two or more  levels and it’s common for some older people to have difficulty moving up and down the stairs in their own home, and in some cases this is no longer possible at all.  … Read More

Managing a deceased person’s bank accounts

When someone in Ireland dies, it is usual for their bank account to be frozen once the bank is informed of the death.  While this is a reasonable course of action from the banks’ viewpoint, managing a deceased person’s bank … Read More

Magic Table Dun Laoghaire

A device which projects interactive light games onto a table is being used in Irish libraries to help people with dementia and autism.  The Tovertafel, which means “magic table” in English, is a Dutch innovation. The first such magic table was installed in … Read More

Help with Showering or Bathing

As any family Carer or Professional Carer will know, helping an older person with showering or bathing can come with some fear or embarrassment for both parties. Bear in mind that always you want to maintain the person’s privacy, dignity … Read More

Safe use of medication

As people get older, their use of medicines tends to increase.  Making a medicines list is a great way to ensure the safe use of medication, and also that any other healthcare professionals you come in contact with will know … Read More