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keeing warm at home

Keeping Warm at Home

Keeping warm at home during the winter can be hard for anyone, but particularly for older people or those with a long-term illness.  The HSE has produced a useful information booklet called “Keep Well and Warm”, which includes the following … Read More

Some information about Living Wills in Ireland

An Advance Care Directive, also often called a “Living Will”, can be defined as a statement about the kind and extent of medical or surgical treatment you want in the future, on the assumption that you will not be able … Read More

Fair Deal versus Homecare Seminar in Dalkey

Heritage Homecare, in conjunction with Killiney Grove Nursing Home, organised a very successful Seminar on Fair Deal versus Homecare in Our Lady’s Hall, Dalkey on 6 October last.  There was a great turnout on the night.  Attendees were welcomed by … Read More

Protection of Vulnerable Older Adults

The Government through the Health Service Executive has recently issued a HSE Elder Abuse Policy which is aimed at helping to prevent the abuse of vulnerable older adults either in their homes or in residential institutions. Elder abuse is defined … Read More

obtaining financial advice

Obtaining independent financial advice

Obtaining independent financial advice can seem like a daunting task.  The main thing to get right is ensuring that any advice you obtain is from an authorised financial adviser.  Authorised advisers are obliged to tell you about relevant financial products … Read More

General nutrition advice for older people

As we get older we often lose interest in cooking or can find it harder to cook tasty and healthy foods on a limited budget.  Poor nutrition can cause a range of problems for older people – they are more … Read More

Changes to Housing aid for Older Persons

The Housing Aid for Older Persons Scheme is aimed at improving the condition of an older person’s home. For the most part, it is aimed at people 66 years of age and older. However, in some cases  the local authority … Read More