Changes to Housing aid for Older Persons

The Housing Aid for Older Persons Scheme is aimed at improving the condition of an older person’s home. For the most part, it is aimed at people 66 years of age and older. However, in some cases  the local authority may assist people under age 66.

Changes to the  housing grant schemes were announced in January 2014, and these changes come into effect on 27 February 2014. The main changes are:

  • The maximum grant has been reduced to €8,000 (previously €10,500)
  • The qualifying age has increased to 66 (previously it was 60)
  • The maximum income threshold has been reduced to €60,000 (previously €65,000)
  • The percentages of approved costs covered by the grant have been adjusted on a sliding scale. The maximum is now 95% (previously 100%)
  • Income of all household members will  be included in the means test from now on (though Carer’s Allowance should be disregarded)
  • Applicants must prove that they have complied with the Local Property Tax


The type of work that is grant aided can include some or all of the following:

  • Structural repairs or improvements
  • Repair or replacement of windows and doors
  • The provision of water, sanitary services and heating
  • Cleaning and painting
  • Re-wiring and any other repair or improvement work considered necessary.

Many older people may be eligible for the Scheme. However, your total household income is assessed to find out if you qualify for the grant and at what level of assistance.

Household income is defined as:

  • Property owner’s (or tenant’s) and spouse’s/partner’s annual gross income in the previous tax year
  • Income of any other adults living in the household – aged over 23 years (or over 18 and not in full-time education)

Housing Aid for Older Persons Scheme: from 27 February 2014

The level of housing grant available is outlined in the table below:

Maximum yearly household income % of build costs Maximum grant
Up to €30,000 95% €8,000
€30,000 – €35,000 85% €6,800
€35,001 – €40,000 75% €6,000
€40,001 – €50,000 50% €4,000
€50,001 – €60,000 30% €2,400
Over €60,000 No grant payable

Further information about the scheme can be found on the Citizens Advice Bureau website on this page or you can call us at Heritage Homecare and we’ll be happy to talk you through any questions you might have.

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