Obtaining independent financial advice

Obtaining independent financial advice can seem like a daunting task.  The main thing to get right is ensuring that any advice you obtain is from an authorised financial adviser.  Authorised advisers are obliged to tell you about relevant financial products from all the suppliers in the market and give you the best advice.  The first time you meet a financial adviser they are obliged by law to give you their terms of business including any charges.

You should follow these steps when selecting which financial adviser is right for you:

  • The Central Bank has a register of authorised financical advisers online, you can find it here: http://registers.centralbank.ie/ or by phoning 01 224 4000
  • Talk to one or two advisers on the phone or arrange to meet them on a no-commitment basis
  • Make sure to ask them about their fees, how they charge, etc
  • In the end, like many things you’ll end us choosing someone you think you can trust and get on with. 

If you are having day-to-day financial difficulties it’s better to first talk to the Money Advice and Budgeting Service rather than a financial adviser, their website address is: https://www.mabs.ie/

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