Alzheimer’s / Dementia Care

We understand how distressing it is to become aware that an ageing parent or loved one is developing Dementia. Asking for help to care for this person in their home is just one of the difficulties to be overcome. The best first step is always to have a detailed conversation about your specific situation, whether this be by phone initially, and then face to face.

Alzheimer's Dementia CareThere are currently 42,000 people living with Dementia in Ireland. And that figure is set to increase to 140,000 cases in the next 30 years.

Dementia is a term which describes a range of conditions which affect memory, thinking, language and our ability to perform everyday tasks. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia.

Not every person will experience all the signs and symptoms of their type of dementia, and other illness or health care issues can occur. As a result, how the disease will progress varies from one person to another.

Many people find it stressful that they do not have answers to these questions and that is normal. Understanding as much as you can about dementia will help.

At Herigate Homecare we can provide Carers who are specifically trained in expert, person-centred Alzheimer’s and Dementia care at home in South Dublin. We will take the time to understand the person, learn their life story and meet their family and friends so that we can understand how best to meet their needs and improve their quality of life. We understand the importance of detail and have seen the positive impact we can make just by knowing small details such as a favourite song, film or hobby. Such expert care can help support your loved one to continue to live at home with a reasonable quality of life.

We can also provide short-term respite care if family members need regular breaks from the exhausting role of primary carer to someone affected by Alzheimer’s.