Tips To Help Older People Stay Warm During The Winter

Winter can be a difficult time for people, especially for older people. As we age, our ability to acclimatise to cold weather may change and we may feel more sensitive to cold weather. 

There are a number of  things to consider to assist older people to stay warm this winter. 

These include: 

  • Ensure the home is properly heated and raise the heating temperature if required
  • Ensuring your home is well insulated to retain the heat and draft proofing doors and windows.
  • Close the doors in rooms that are not used very often
  • Wear plenty of layers rather than one heavy item of clothing so you can remove them if you get too hot
  • Use socks and slippers (look for non slip soles to prevent any slips or falls)  and place a blanket over your legs
  • Move the furniture around and ensure the area is free from any drafts
  • Block any drafts blowing into the home eg; letterbox
  • Take plenty of warm drinks such as tea/coffee
  • Heat up your bed by adding additional blankets / electric blanket / hot water bottle
  • Move around, rather than sitting all day
  • Eat nutrient dense meals to maintain a healthy immune system eg: hearty soups

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