Why Heritage?

There are other companies offering home care services, so why should you choose us?  We like to think there are lots of reasons, but here are the main ones:

Our Carers: The quality of our service is completely dependent on the quality of our carers.  We rigorously select and train our Carers, and we look after them while they are working for us so that they are free to concentrate on providing friendly, trustworthy and personalised homecare to you or your loved one.
Continuity of Care: We understand that it’s important that you or your loved one receive visits from the same carer or carers if all possible.  Because we deliver homecare to South Dublin only, this means that we can achieve this aim. We also make a commitment to keeping clients and carers together for as long as possible once they are happy with each other.
Expertly managed: We are a local Nurse led service with a wealth of Industry experience and 10 years of service in South Dublin. We know all of our customers by name and we can respond to each one’s needs as required.
Our Quality Standards: We are on the HSE’s panel of  Approved Service Providers for Dun Laoghaire and Dublin South East.  In advance of being appointed onto the approved panel, all of our standards and procedures, as well as our Carer Training Modules and policies, were examined and passed by a cross-functional HSE Assessment Team .





Furthermore, we are members of Home and Community Care Ireland, the industry association for Private Home Care.  All HCCI members adhere to a strict code of conduct based on international best practice guidelines, and our standards are rigorously audited by an independent auditor as a condition of our membership.

The transparency of our service: Through our location tracking function linked to our carer App, we can view when carers log in and out of their clients’ homes. This provides peace of mind for our clients and their families, and adds extra reassurance for those who may be alone and most vulnerable.