Convalescent Care

Home from hospitalLeaving hospital and coming home can be a time of mixed feelings for everyone involved. Although you or your loved one will probably be looking forward to getting home, you may also have some worries about how they will cope when they get there.

At Heritage we are very familiar with what’s involved in Convalescent homecare.

We have established working relationships with the discharge teams in all of the hospitals in South Dublin. We can liaise with the team in your hospital, firstly to make sure you or your loved one is really ready to leave hospital, and then to put together a discharge plan to ensure you can cope when you get home.

Once you or your loved one gets home, we can help with all aspects of recuperation, be it exercise, physio or getting back to your normal routine. We can also help you to apply for any resources you might need for home modifications and for adjusting to a permanent change in living arrangements if this is necessary.

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