We provide specialist overnight care when it is offers the best solution for the client and their family.

Overnight care In an overnight situation, it is very important that the client feels comfortable with the carer and to facilitate this, the night shift normally commences before a client has fully retired to bed. This allows the client and carer to develop a comfortable relationship and avoid potential anxiety or confusion during the night.

We offer two types of overnight care that are further tailored to meet the Clients individual needs. The schedules are incorporated into a single rate that can be 10- or 12-hours in duration. The start and finish times will be according to the Clients routine, and the number of nights scheduled is flexible. Morning personal care can be factored into the care plan so that the Client is then set up for the day.

The two options for overnight care are:

  • On call/sleeping nights – in this case a carer is a presence during the night and will mostly sleep. The carer will assist with minor infrequent calls such as supervising a trip to the bathroom or offering a drink and reassurance. This is only suitable for clients who normally sleep well.
  • Active nights – in this case the carer remains awake and responsive to the client throughout the night. The carer will respond to the client’s needs instantly while also preserving the atmosphere of nighttime rest. This is suitable for clients who have higher needs, and may be temporary due to a recent illness or infection, or for example in the case of nighttime confusion and wandering.

Overnight care may go hand in hand with long day care, and this could be in circumstances similar to below:

  • When a client has difficulty with mobility and needs supervision and reassurance night and day.
  • When specialised care is required for example in the case of end-of-life care.
  • When a client has complex needs for example in the case of dementia care.
  • When a client needs temporary convalescent care after an illness or when coming home from hospital.

All options are discussed with the client and their family, and there is flexibility for the care plan and schedule to change and adapt to the needs of the client.

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